Item Pickup

The Item Pickup object inherits the Object Pickup component and contains a list of Item Identifiers and corresponding count that should be added to the inventory. This can be used both for pickups within the scene or as a Drop Prefab specified by the Item. Drop Prefabs are dropped by the character when the item is removed.


The Item Pickup can be setup by performing the following:

  1. Open the Object Manager and create a new object of type Item Pickup or Dropped Item.
  2. If the Item Pickup type was selected then the picked up Item Definitions should be specified within the Item Pickup component. A Dropped Item will automatically inherit the Item Definitions that the character is carrying so no Item Definition need to be specified.
  3. Add the object to the scene or assign it to the Drop Prefab field of the Item component.

Inspected Fields

Always Pickup

Should the object be picked up even if the inventory cannot hold any more of the item?

Item Pickup Set

An array of items and ItemSets to pick up.

Item Definition Amounts

An array of Item Definitions to be picked up.