Control Freak

The Ultimate Character Controller is integrated with Control Freak allowing you to use Control Freak for your input instead of Unity’s input system. This integration can be downloaded from one of the pages listed below.


  1. Download and import the integration from the downloads page.
  2. Remove the UnityInput component from your character. By default the Unity Input component is added to a new GameObject that is a child of your main character GameObject. The GameObject is named after your character followed by “Input”, for example “AtlasInput”.
  3. Add the Control Freak Input component to the same GameObject.
  4. On the Player Input Proxy component on the character set the Player Input reference to the Control Freak Input component.
  5. Setup the Control Freak rig to work with your input setup. The “CF2-Opsive-UCC-Rig” prefab is included in the integration package allowing you to quickly get started. If you are using this prefab make sure you drag it into your scene.
  6. Remove any Virtual Controls created by the Setup Manager. The Virtual Controls are designed to work with the Unity Input component.