First Person Arms

The arms use a generic model setup so they require the animations to be created specifically for that rig and cannot use Unity’s animation retargetting feature. An easy way to get started though is to use the third person humanoid animations for the first person view. You can do this by using a tool such as FPS Mesh Tool. With the FPS Mesh Tool it can split your mesh up into just the arms and allow you to use the humanoid animations. While these animations won’t look perfect for a first person view they will allow you to prototype quickly.

If you are creating your own generic arms you can follow this page for importing your animations. The table below lists the positives and negatives of using a humanoid rig for your character. We wanted the first person arms to be of the highest quality so we chose the generic arms option for the demo scene.

Humanoid Arm Rig Positives

  • Supports animation retargetting
  • Supports Unity IK

Humanoid Arm Rig Negatives

  • Contains unnecessary data within the animation
  • Cannot have unique first person animations, for extra detail while the camera is closer to the first person weapon

If you are using the FPS Mesh Tool the video below explains how the integration works: