Surface Identifiers

The Surface Identifier component is used to determine what effect should be triggered from the surface of an object when hit by a Surface Impact. It is recommended that you rely on Surface Identifies first and foremost when making your game. You should only resort to the more advanced Surface Manager features for special cases like terrains and multiple material objects. This is for both performance reasons and if you make it a habit to place Surface Identifiers on all of your scene prefabs they will “just work” as you’d expect.

Surface Type

The Surface Type determines what the object’s surface is made of, and what Surface Effect will trigger when it gets hit by a Surface Effect.

Allow Decals

If enabled then bullet holes and footprints can stick to the surface of the object. It will override any Surface Manager settings for this specific object. This is useful for objects that have colliders that do not perfectly follow the shape of the object and thus would otherwise get bad decal placement.