Spawn Points

The Spawn Point component is used to determine the location that the object can spawn. A shape can be defined by the component and this shape is used to determine where within the bounding area the object should spawn.


An index value used to group multiple sets of spawn points. The grouping will be ignored if the value is -1. Groupings can be used in the case of having multiple teams. As an example, consider a team deathmatch game where the red team has a grouping value of 0 and the blue team has a value of 1. When a player on the red team goes to spawn only the Spawn Points with a grouping value of 0 will be used to decide if the player can spawn in that location.


Specifies the shape of the spawn point (a sphere or a box).

  • Point: The spawn point will be determined at the transform position.
  • Sphere: The spawn point will be determined within a random sphere.
  • Box: The spawn point will be determined within a box.

The size of the shape. If the shape is a sphere this size will be the radius, and for a box it is the local x and z extents. The height of the box is determined by the Ground Snap Height.

Ground Snap Height

Specifies the height of the ground check. When the object is spawned a ground check will be used to ensure the character spawns on the ground and not in the air.

Random Direction

Should the character spawn with a random y direction?

Check For Obstruction

Should a check be performed to determine if there are any objects obstructing the spawn point?

Obstruction Layers

Specifies the layers which can obstruct the spawn point. These layers are used for both for ground snapping and the obstruction check.

Placement Attempts

If checking for obstruction, specifies how many times the location should be determined before it is decided that there are no valid spawn locations.

Gizmo Color

The color to draw the editor gizmo in (editor only).