Final IK

The Ultimate Character Controller is integrated with Final IK allowing you to use Final IK for IK rather than Unity’s built-in IK system. This integration can be downloaded from one of the pages listed below. After you have imported the integration package Final IK can be used by performing the following steps:


  1. Install the integration from the downloads page.
  2. Remove the Character IK component from each of your character models (if it has been added). This component is located on the same GameObject as your character model with the Animator.
  3. Add the Final IK Bridge component included in the integration package. This component should be added to the character model.
  4. Add any of the following Final IK components:
    • Full Body Biped IK: Used for humanoids, allows for finer positioning of the character’s limbs.
    • Look At IK: Allows the character to look in the direction of the look source.
    • Aim IK: Allows the character to aim at a target.
    • Grounder FullBody IK: Allows the character’s feet to be positioned on the surface.
    • Interaction System: Allows the character to use IK to interact with ability objects.
  5. Ensure all of the Final IK components are configured correctly. The Final IK documentation is a good reference for how to setup the Final IK components.
  6. If the AimIK component has been added the character the Animated Aim Direction Vector3 may need to be adjusted. This value represents the the direction of the animated weapon aiming in character space.

Interaction System

Abilities can work with the IK system in order to position limbs in the correct locations. An example of this is when the Interact ability positions the hand so it always presses the button. In order for this to work with Final IK you must have the following setup:

  • The Final IK Interaction System component is added to the character.
  • The object that the character is interacting with has the Ability IK Target and Final IK Interaction Object components added to it. In the Interact example the button GameObject should have the Interaction Component added.