The Pseudo3D view type places the camera in a 2.5D view, allowing the camera to look at the character from the side. The Pseudo3D (2.5D) movement type should be used in conjunction with this view type. If the 2.5D movement type is active and references a path then the camera will follow that path.

Inspected Fields

Look Direction Distance

The distance that the character should look ahead.

Forward Axis

The forward axis that the camera should adjust towards.

View Distance

The distance to position the camera away from the anchor.

Vertical Dead Zone

The camera will readjust the position/rotation if the character moves outside of this vertical dead zone.

Move Smoothing

The amount of smoothing to apply to the movement. Can be zero.

Rotation Smoothing

The amount of smoothing to apply to the rotation. Can be zero.

Depth Look Direction

Should the look direction account for depth offsets? This is only used when the mouse is visible.