Omni Animation is a cutting-edge AI generation technique capable of producing high fidelity 3D humanoid animations. Omni animation uses advanced algorithms and deep learning to generate the perfect animation with realistic movement, detail, and depth.

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Generate AI Animations

Our AI model will generate high fidelity animations that can be used your project without needing any cleanup. Generate unique animations for your hero character, NPC, crowds, or to use as training data for your motion matching model.

Download Hundreds of Animations Instantly

Save countless hours of work by downloading entire sets of animations in one go. Each animation will be a unique high quality file allowing you to instantly create tons of animations.

Use on Any Platform

Omni Animation produces fbx or bvh files allowing you to use the animation on any platform that you are already used to. Use it in Unity, Unreal, Godot, Maya, Blender, etc. As long as the platform supports animation files you can use the results generated by Omni Animation.

No Legal Worries

All animation models are trained on motion capture data that Opsive owns the copyright to. When you download an animation you can keep it forever.

Affordable Price

Animations can be downloaded for as low as $0.29 each. The Omni Animation library is continuously growing with both AI and non-AI animations and monthly animation drops. Subscribers can request animations that should appear in a future drop.


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