The Object Manager allows you to conveniently create the small objects such as Item Pickups or Shells. The Object Manager can be accessed from the Tools -> Opsive -> Ultimate Character Controller -> Object Manager menu option.

The Object Manager supports the creation of the following object types:

Each of these object types have a similar workflow: enter the object name, select the object type, and select which GameObject it should use. The Object Manager will then save the created object out to a prefab in the specified location.  After the object has been created it may need to be further edited so make sure you take a look at the documentation for that object type.

As an example we will create a dropped item prefab for the knife item:

  1. Open the Object Manager
  2. Specify the Name, for this example we will use “KnifePickup”.
  3. Specify the type of object to create, which is the Dropped Item.
  4. Specify the GameObject that should be used. We will use the pistol model because that is the object that should be dropped.
  5. Select the “Build Object” button. A project path will need to be specified with the location that the prefab should be saved.

The completed editor window looks like: