The character controller is integrated with Master Audio allowing you to use Master Audio for audio instead of Unity’s Audio Source. This integration can be downloaded from one of the pages listed below.


Ultimate Character Controller
First Person Controller
Third Person Controller
UFPS: Ultimate First Person Shooter
UTPS: Ultimate Third Person Shooter
UFPM: Ultimate First Person Melee
UFPM: Ultimate Third Person Melee


  1. Install the integration from above.
  2. Setup Master Audio according to their documentation.
    • Existing Audio Sources can be converted using the Master Audio Sound Upgrader from the Window -> Master Audio toolbar.
  3. Ensure your scene has an Audio Manager. If it does not you can automatically add it through the Setup Manager.
  4. Create a new Master Audio Manager Module by right clicking in the project view and select Create -> Opsive -> Audio -> Master Audio Manager Module.
  5. Assign the created Master Audio Manager Module to the Audio Manager Module field on the Audio Manager.