The idle ability will play a random animation based off of the AbilityFloatData Animator parameter. A delay can be set so unique idle animations will only play after a specified amount of time.


  1. Select the + button in the ability list under the “Abilities” foldout of the Ultimate Character Locomotion component.
  2. Add the Idle ability. This ability should be placed at the bottom of the list so it won’t take priority over any other ability.
  3. Ensure the Animator uses the AbilityFloatData while the character is in the idle state. The demo Animator Controller contains 3 idle animations within the Base Layer -> Idle -> Idle Blend Tree.
  4. Set the Max Ability Float Data Value to the number of idle animations that your Animator contains.

Inspected Fields

Start Delay

Specifies how long the ability should wait until it is started. This prevents a random idle ability from starting immediately unless it should.

Max Ability Float Data Value

The maximum AbilityFloatData Animator parameter. This number will match the number of idle animations that the Animator Controller contains.

Random Value

Should a random int between 0 and Max Ability Float Data Value be used? If false the AbilityFloatData will be increased sequentially.

Min/Max Duration

The minimum and maximum amount of time that the current AbilityFloatData value should be set until the ability chooses a new value.