Item Type Creation

The Item Type Manager allows for the creation of new Item Types and Categories. Item Types are used by the Inventory system to identify a specific Item. Categories are used to group Item Types within the Item Set Manager. The Item Type Manager can be accessed from the Tools -> Opsive -> Ultimate Character Controller -> Item Type Manager menu option. This window is separated into two tabs: Item Types and Categories.

Item Collection

When an Item Type or Category is created it is added to an Item Collection. An Item Collection is a storage container for the Item Types and Categories. When you open the Item Type Manager for the first time it will show the Item Collection from the included demo scene but you can change this to a new Item Collection for your game:

The same Item Collection should be used throughout all of your project. If your game contains multiple characters (such as AI agents) they should all use the same Item Collection. We recommend that you create a new Item Collection specifically for your project. This will prevent any Ultimate Character Controller updates from conflicting with any changes that you have made.

Item Types

Item Types are a representation of an Item. A listing of all of the Item Types from the specified Item Collection will appear within the manager:

New Item Types can be added by specifying their name within the Name field. Each Item Type row contains three buttons:

The leftmost button will identify the location of the actual Item Type asset. This asset will be a child of the Item Collection.
The center button will duplicate the current Item Type.
The rightmost button will delete the current Item Type.

The Item Type row will expand if you click on it revealing more options:


The name of the Item Type. This name must be a unique name within the Item Collection.


The Category that the Item Type belongs to. A single Item Type can belong to any number of Categories. If the Item Type is consumable (such as an assault rifle bullet) then it does not need to belong to a category. Categories are used by the ItemSetManager.


The maximum number of the Item Type that the inventory can carry.


A reference to the item prefab that uses the Item Type. This links the Item Type to the actual character item.

There are multiple prefabs in the situation where an item can be equipped in different slots (such as dual pistols with the right and left pistol prefab). There must be at least one prefab for every slot that the item can equip to.


Categories define a grouping of Item Types and are primarily used by the ItemSetManager. Similar to Item Types, Categories must belong to an Item Collection. Once an Item Collection is defined you’ll be able to create new categories, as well as see a listing of the existing categories.

Each Category row contains two buttons:

The left button will duplicate the current Category.
The right button will delete the current Category.

Clicking on the Category row will allow you to edit the category name.


The name of the Category. This name must be a unique name within the Item Collection.