The Ultimate Character Controller is integrated with the A* Pathfinding Project allowing your AI agent to navigate the world with the A* Pathfinding Project’s pathfinding algorithms. This integration can be downloaded from one of the pages listed below. After you have imported the integration package the agent can be setup by performing the following steps:

  1. Create your character using the Character Manager. AI Agent should be selected so the player-controlled components do not get added.
  2. Add the A* Pathfinding Project components to your character by following the A* documentation.
  3. Import the A* integration package from the link below.
  4. Add the Astar AI Agent Movement ability to your agent. This ability can be positioned anywhere within the ability list as it is a concurrent ability.
  5. Set the destination of the A* Pathfinding Project component. When the ability has a destination it will move the character according to the path created by the A* Pathfinding Project.


Ultimate Character Controller
First Person Controller
Third Person Controller
UFPS: Ultimate First Person Shooter
UTPS: Ultimate Third Person Shooter
UFPM: Ultimate First Person Melee
UFPM: Ultimate Third Person Melee