The Ultimate Character Controller is integrated with the A* Pathfinding Project allowing your AI agent to navigate the world with the A* Pathfinding Project’s pathfinding algorithms. This integration can be downloaded from one of the pages listed below.


Ultimate Character Controller
First Person Controller
Third Person Controller
UFPS: Ultimate First Person Shooter
UTPS: Ultimate Third Person Shooter
UFPM: Ultimate First Person Melee
UFPM: Ultimate Third Person Melee


  1. Install the integration from above.
  2. Create your character using the Character Manager. AI Agent should be selected so the player-controlled components do not get added.
  3. Add the A* Pathfinding Project components to your character by following the A* documentation.
  4. Import the A* integration package from the link above.
  5. Add the Astar AI Agent Movement ability to your agent. This ability can be positioned anywhere within the ability list as it is a concurrent ability.
  6. Set the destination of the A* Pathfinding Project component. When the ability has a destination it will move the character according to the path created by the A* Pathfinding Project.