Detect Ground Ability Base

Abstract class which determines if the ground object is a valid object. Similar to the Detect Object Ability Base ability, the Ground Ability Base ability can use an Object ID or Layer Mask to determine if the ground is a valid object. If the Object ID is used the ground object should have the Object Identifier component with the same ID specified by the ability, similar to the Detect Object Ability Base.

Inspected Fields

Object ID

The unique ID value of the Object Identifier component. A value of -1 indicates that this ID should not be used.

Layer Mask

The layer mask of the ground object.

Ground Normal Sensitivity

The character is no longer over the ground if the dot product between the character’s up direction and the ground normal is less than the sensitivity.

Angle Threshold

The maximum angle that the character can be relative to the forward direction of the object.

Move With Object

Should the character move with the ground object?