The Slide ability will apply a force to the character if the character is on a steep slope. If the slide ability is not added to the character then the character will not slide off of slopes that are too steep for the character to slide on. This ability does not affect the animations.


  1. Select the + button in the ability list under the “Abilities” foldout of the Ultimate Character Locomotion component.
  2. Add the Slide ability. This ability can run concurrently with other abilities so the location within the list does not matter.

Inspected Fields

Min/Max Slide Limit

The minimum and maximum steepness (in degrees) that the character can slide.


Multiplier of the ground’s slide value. The slide value is determined by (1 – Dynamic Friction) of the ground’s physic material.

Max Slide Speed

The maximum speed that the character can slide.

Override Up Direction

Optionally specifies the up direction that should override the character’s up direction.