Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my invoice number?

You can use your invoice number or order ID on the forms that require an invoice. All of your recent Asset Store purchases can be found on this page with your invoice number and order ID.  If your invoice isn’t listed then it is an older invoice number and you’ll need to contact for them to look up your invoice number. Unity does not supply publishers with any purchase information so we are not able to look up your invoice number.

What is your refund policy?

Section 2.9.1 of the Asset Store EULA states that “all sales are final” and we go along with this policy because there is no way to return a digital product.

When I download a Unity Package it saves it as a tar file. Why?

Unfortunately Firefox has a bug which prevents Unity Packages from being downloaded correctly. If you download the file with another browser then it will correctly download and open in Unity.

Is there an advantage of purchasing through the Opsive Store?

Yes! Opsive Store purchases will receive updates before the Asset Store. For more major updates the time between the Opsive Store release and the Asset Store release may be significant, such as a week early on the Opsive Store. Opsive Store customers will receive an email when an update has been released and can view their purchase history through their Opsive account.

Do you offer consulting work?

While we are primarily focused on the Asset Store we do have a limited number of hours available for consulting work. If you’d like us to look at your project over a real time remote desktop and chat feel free to get in contact with us at We have a consulting rate of $150 USD / hour.

Where can I find the documentation for version 1 of the character controllers?

Documentation for version 1.7.5 of UFPS can be found on this page. The documentation for version 1.3.11 of the Third Person Controller is included in Third Person Controller folder after you have imported the asset.