The ShieldItemAction will protect the character from taking damage. The shield can be invincible or slowly degrade as it takes more and more damage. The area that will protect the character from damage is defined by the collider that is attached to the first or third person shield object.

Inspected Fields

Require Aim

Does the shield only protect the player when the character is aiming?

Absorption Factor

Determines how much damage the shield absorbs. A value of 1 will absorb all of the damage, a value of 0 will not absorb any of the damage.

Absorb Explosions

Should the shield absorb damage caused by explosions?

Apply Impact

Should an impact be applied when the weapon is hit by another object?

Impact Animator Audio State Set

Specifies the animator and audio state for when the shield is impacted by another object.

Impact Complete Event

Specifies if the item should wait for the OnAnimatorItemImpactComplete animation event or wait for the specified duration before completing the impact.

Durability Attribute Name

The name of the shield’s durability attribute. When the durability reaches 0 the shield will not absorb any damage.

Drop When Durability Depleted

Should the item be dropped from the character when the durability is depleted?