Third Person Point & Click

The Point Click movement type will work with the Move Towards ability to move the character to the clicked location.


A Point & Click character can be setup by performing the following:

  1. Create a new character using the Character Manager. The perspective should be Third Person and have a Movement Type value of PointClick.
  2. Add a Pathfinding Movement ability (such as NavMeshAgent Movement) to the character. The Pathfinding Movement ability should be positioned above the Move Towards ability.
  3. On the Unity Input component ensure Disable Cursor is set to false.
  4. If you’d like the character to move at different speeds to the destination the Speed Change ability should be added to the character.

Inspected Fields

Click Button Name

The name of the button which does the click.

Min Point Click Distance

The minimum distance required in order to move.

Move Speed

The speed of the character as they move towards the target. The SpeedChange ability must be added to the character.

Run Max Squared Distance

The character will run towards the destination when the squared distance is greater than the specified value.