The character can be created using the Character Manager from the Tools -> Ultimate Character Controller -> Character Manager menu option. This will open an editor window that acts as the central hub for any object creation/updating related editor scripts.

At the moment most of the options are disabled because a character hasn’t been selected. Drag the Nolan model (in the Opsive/Ultimate Character Controller/Demo/Models folder) into your scene and assign it to the Character field.

Once the character has been selected you can press the Build Character button and all of the required components and setup will be added.

If you are creating a first person or both character there are two more steps required:

  • When the first person camera renders it will render any objects in the First Person Arms field last. This will allow the arms to always be in front of the objects and will prevent clipping. This field can be left blank and instead added when creating the item.
  • Unless the character model was specifically designed for a first person view, the model is going to have objects that should be hidden when the first person view is active such as the character’s head and arms. Any object that should be hidden when the first person view is active should be specified under the Third Person Objects field. This field will automatically resize when a new object has been added. If your character model does not have the head/arms separated and you don’t have access to the original source file you can separate the objects with a tool such as the FPS Mesh Tool.

If the Build Character button is pressed all of the components will be added to the character and it can be played within the game. Here’s a look at the character in first person view with the objects hidden specified by the Third Person Objects field.

More details on each Character Builder option can be found on this page.