The Item Manager will setup an Item for the Ultimate Character Controller. The Item Manager can be accessed from the Tools -> Opsive -> Ultimate Character Controller -> Item Manager menu option. When the manager is opened there are two tabs: New Item and Existing Item.

New Item

The New Item tab allows new items to be created using the Item Manager. The Quick Start guide can be used for quickly setting up a new item. This page will give more details on each option.


Specifies the name of the item. It is recommended that this be a unique name though it is not required.

Item Definition

The Item Definition that the Item should use. Item Definitions are the parent class of Item Types which are used by the character controller. Item Types must first be created within the Item Type Manager and must be unique for each slot. As an example, if you are dual wielding pistols each pistol can use the same Pistol Item Type, but each pistol must be in a different slot.


Specifies the character that the Item should be added to. This field should be empty if the item will be added at runtime.

Add To Default Loadout

If a character is specified the Item Type can automatically be added to the Inventory’s Default Loadout.

Slot ID

The ID of the slot that the Item should occupy. The Item will be parented to the Item Slot component for the corresponding perspective. The Slot ID must match for both first and third person perspective.

Animator Item ID

The ID of the Item within the Animator Controller. This ID is used by the SlotXItemID parameter within the Animator Controller and it must be unique for each item. A listing of default Item IDs can be found on this page.

Add First Person Item

Should the first person item perspective be added?

First Person Base

A reference to the base object that should be used by the first person item. This will usually be the character’s separated arms. A single object can be used for multiple Items. If a First Person Visible Item is specified this object should be within the scene so the Item Slot can be specified.

First Person Base Animator Controller

A reference to the Animator Controller used by the First Person Base field. This Animator Controller will only be active when the Item is equipped.

First Person Visible Item

Specifies the Item object that is actually visible and rendered to the screen, such as the assault rifle or sword. This field should be left blank if you are adding an item that is part of the character’s body such as a fist for punching.

First Person Visible Item Parent

Specifies the object that the First Person Visible Item should be parented to. If the First Person Object has not been setup to be used by items before then when you first specify the First Person Visible Item you’ll get an error saying the Item Parent needs to be specified:

In this example the pistol should be parented to the right hand so we’ll specify that for the parent:

The Item Parent must be a child of the First Person Object. As soon as the Add ItemSlot button is pressed the error should go away:

First Person Visible Item Animator Controller

Specifies the Animator Controller that should be used by the First Person Visible Item.

Add Third Person Item

Should the third person item perspective be added?

Third Person Visible Item

Specifies the third person item object. This is the object that will be visible and rendered to the screen, such as the assault rifle or sword.

Third Person Animator Controller

Specifies the Animator Controller that should be used by the Third Person Visible Item.

Action Type

A drop down field which allows you to specify which Item Action should be added. More Item Actions can be added to the Item through the Existing Item tab.

State Configuration

Allows for the item to be preconfigured with already defined values. This is useful if you have a specific type of item that has already been created and you’d like to apply the same values to the new item. See the State Configuration page for more information.

Existing Item

The Existing Item tab allows you to modify Items that have already been created. When the tab is first opened the Item field is the only active field:

Once an Item has been specified the values will be populated:

Most of the fields are similar to the New Item fields but the following are new:

Remove Item

This will remove the entire Item from the character. This cannot be undone so ensure you want to delete the item.

Add Action

Adds a new Item Action to the Item. If the action uses a Consumable Item Definition then that Item Definition can be specified in this window.

Remove Action

Removes an existing Item Action already on the item. The Action ID is specified allowing you to identify which Item Action is being removed.

Remove First Person

Removes the objects related to the first person perspective.

Remove Third Person

Removes the objects related to the third person perspective.