Item View Slot

The Item View Slot is an Action Button which is used to detect clicks, selection, or drag & drop for an Item View. It is usually used as the parent of an Item View.

The Item View Slot is used extensively in the Item View Slot Containers (Inventory Grid, Item Slot Collection View, Item Hotbar). Useful API methods include:

// Set the Item Info in the slot.

// Set the Item View.

// Check if the Item Slot can contain an Item Slot (this uses Item View Slot Restrictions).
bool canContain = m_ItemViewSlot.CanContain(itemInfo);

Item View Slot Restrictions

Item View Slot Restriction components, such as “Item View Slot Category Restriction” can be used to limit the type of item info the Item View Slot can contain. Restrictions can be added with the Item View Slot Restriction component next to the Item View Slot. To create a custom Item View Slot Restriction simply inherit the base class and override the “Can Contain” function.