Crafting Menu

The Crafting Menu is used by the player to select the recipe to craft and display the ingredients required.

Important: This Crafting Menu is one solution for crafting, but it is highly recommended to extended the crafter or the crafting processing to create custom crafting solutions. Of course this would mean creating a custom Crafting Menu. Head to the forum to discuss possible solutions for your use case and share your experience with other users.

Create a Crafting Menu using the UI Designer Crafting tab. To learn more about the Crafter component go to this page.

The crafting menu uses the following components:

  • Inventory: The client Inventory (the player).
  • Crafter: The Crafter component which has the list of recipes, and the crafting processor logic.
  • Crafting Recipe Grid: A grid of Recipe Views used to select the recipe to craft.
  • Recipe Panel: This panel shows the crafting output and the ingredients required for crafting.
  • Quantity Picker Panel: Lets the user choose the amount of item to craft.

Similar to the Shop Menu, the Crafting Menu can have the Crafter within the UI or it can be bound to the Crafting Menu through code. The easiest way to do so is to use the “Crafting Menu Opener” component.

Recipe Panel

The Recipe Panel can be edited with ease in the UI Designer Crafting tab. The Recipe Panel is used to display the item to craft and it’s ingredients/cost.