Ultimate Inventory System

The Ultimate Inventory System will help developers create their own inventory system for their project. The system is designed to be a powerful, modular, and scalable inventory frame that can create a complex inventory structure as fast as possible.

To achieve this we created a robust and structured system where items are well organized using Item Categories and Item Definitions. Defining items has never been easier thanks to the Attribute System, which allows you to define properties that all items within a category should have. And all of this is done directly in the editor, no code required. Coupled with the multi-nested Item Categories structure and Attribute inheritance, modification and overrides, you can create complex item dependencies extremely fast.

In addition to item management the Ultimate Inventory System takes care of Item Actions, Currencies, Crafting, Item Shops, Equipping, Saving/Loading, and much more. It has all the features you would expect from a complete Inventory System package.

The minimum required version of Unity is 2019.3 due to the recent move from IMGUI to UIElements for editor scripting.