The Item Hotbar uses an Item View Slots Container to display and use Items. To create an Item Hotbar with use the UI Designer Hotbar tab. To learn more about Item View Slots Containers see this page.

An Item Hotbar requires an Item View Slots Container and also benefits from an Item View Drawer and an Item View Slots Container Category Item Action Set Binding.

The Item View Slots Container orders items by index which allows the hotbar to easily get the Item View Slot for any index. The Item Hotbar uses events to capture input from the Inventory Input it is bound to. The hotbar can be refreshed each time the bound inventory is updated to keep the item amounts/states always up to date.

hotbar.AssignItemToSlot(itemInfo, itemSlotIndex);


Similar to other Item View Slots Containers, the component is initialized by a panel binding which also sets the inventory to monitor.