Crafting Category

The purpose of the Crafting Category is to organize recipes and to set the recipe type. Any recipe that is a direct child of the category must have the recipe type defined in the editor. That type must also inherit the base Crafting Recipe type.

The Crafting Categories is split into two sections: properties and relationships. The properties section shows the properties that are specific to the Crafting Categories. The relationships section is a useful view for observing how the Crafting Category relates to other objects within your inventory.


The following Item Category properties can be modified:

  • Name: The name of the Crafting Category. Crafting Categories are Scriptable Objects so the name will also represent the file name. The name must be unique.
  • Abstract: An abstract category will not show up as an option for Crafting Recipes category. Abstract categories have the purpose of organizing your recipes in a clean way.
  • Color: The color is only used in the editor and is meant purely to visualize and organize the objects lists more efficiently.
  • Recipe Type: The Crafting Recipe that should be used when processing the recipe. This allows you to define custom logic for determining the output of the crafting recipe.
  • Parents: Crafting Categories can have multiple parents and multiple children.  An item category cannot have a parent that is of it’s own descendants as that would create a loop. Item Category parents must have non-ovelapping attributes. Attribute overlapping happen when two or more attributes have the same name but different type. If they have the same type then the first parent with that attribute will be used for the attribute inheritance.
  • Editor Color: The color that the category should appear in the editor. This is meant purely to visualize and organize the objects lists more efficiently.
  • Editor Icon: The icon that should appear in the editor. If no Editor Icon is specified the attribute with the name “CategoryIcon” will be used.


For ease of navigation you may find the relationship box quite useful. It includes:

  • Ancestors
  • Descendants
  • Direct Crafting Recipes
  • Inherited Crafting Recipes