The Crafting Menu is used as an interface to craft items using the Crafter component.

To learn more about the Crafting Menu component see this page.

Important: This Crafting Menu is one solution for crafting, but it is highly recommended to extended the crafter or the crafting processing to create custom crafting solutions. This would then mean creating a custom Crafting Menu. Head to the forum to discuss possible solutions for our use case and share your experience with other users.

The Crafting Designer allow you to create a Crafting Menu with a basic panel or as a Main Menu sub panel. Editing an existing Crafting Menu allows you to:

  • Add a Crafter directly on the Crafting Menu.
  • View and Edit the Recipe Panel (used to display the recipe selected to craft).
  • Edit the Grid Size and Layout of the Recipe Grid.
  • Edit the Grid Navigation (similar to Inventory Grid Navigation).
  • Add/Remove Grid Tabs.