There is no additional downloads required to make Bolt and the Ultimate Inventory System work together.

Important: Bolt and UIS both use the Antlr3.Runtime.dll. If both dlls are in the project this will cause problems, therefore one of them must be removed.
In the project view go to Opsive/Ultimate Inventory System/Plugins and remove or rename the Antlr3.Runtime.dll file.

Bolt works using reflection and therefore all available functions and types in the Ultimate Inventory System will be available to you. To make sure the graph shows the Ultimate Inventory System functions you must specify the Assemblies in the Bolt Setup Wizard.

In the Bolt Setup wizard under the Assemblies tab make sure to specify the “Opsive.UltimateInventorySystem” assembly.
In the Types tab it is recommended to add the following types:

  • ItemInfo
  • ItemAmount