UI Designer uses UI Designer schemas to create the UI in the editor. UI Designer schemas are a collection of prefabs and assets which can be assembled together like Lego pieces to build your UI.

Note: Using the UI Designer and schemas is completely optional, it simply speeds up and simplifies the creation of panels and Menu. You are in no way constrained to keep your layouts as created by the schemas. Instead simply use them as a baseline to get the basic functionality working and then edit it to your liking.

It is possible to make your UI by hand using the appropriate components ignoring the schemas completely. Of course it is also possible to not use the built-in UI components and instead use your own or third party UI solutions.

We offer the schemas bellow and we may add more in the future:

  • Classic: A minimalist UI with big icons and buttons, a great starting point for any Inventory UI
  • RPG: A UI with a cartoony adventure look, which focuses on floating panels and Item Shape Grids.

You can learn more about each schemas in the documentation sections below. You may even create a share your own UI Designer schema if you wish. All that is required is to follow the constraints for each prefab in the schema.