Chest Menu

The UI Designer can be used to create a new Chest Menu in a few clicks. More details can be found on this page.

The Chest Menu is usually used to retrieve items from a Chest component. The Chest components in the scene will automatically find the Chest Menu and assign themselves to it when opened. The easiest way to get started with the Chest Menu is to simply spawn a “Chest” prefab from the Demo folder in your scene. When the player interacts with the chest through the Inventory Interactor and Interactable components, the Chest Menu will be opened and bound the the chest the player interacted with.

The Inventory Grid is assigned a custom click event that opens a quantity picker panel to choose to amount of item to retrieve. This means that the Chest Menu is not compatible with Item Actions.

Important: The Chest Menu is one solution to store items in another Inventory. Feel free to create your custom Chest Menu from scratch or even create with just Item Actions and/or drag and drop using Inventory Grids in floating panels.

Any component inheriting the IChest interface may be assigned to the Chest Menu using the function: