Deathmatch AI Kit

Before getting started, the Deathmatch AI Kit requires the following assets:

For the Behavior Designer / Character Controller integration, enter your Behavior Designer invoice number at the top of the downloads page, then click Download next to the “Ultimate Character Controller”.

Ensure these four packages are imported before the Deathmatch AI Kit. If you forget to import one of these packages before importing the Deathmatch AI Kit there’s a chance that the behavior tree will be reserialized with a missing task reference. In this case you should reimport the Deathmatch AI Kit again.

The Deathmatch AI Kit has the following folder structure:

  • Opsive/DeathmatchAIKit/BehaviorTrees
    Contains the behavior trees for the AI agents. Includes two high level behavior trees and multiple subtrees. The Solo behavior tree should be used by agents who do not operate on a team. The Team behavior tree should be used by agents who operate on a team and want to create formations or call for backup.
  • Opsive/DeathmatchAIKit/Demo
    Contains all of the assets necessary for the demo scene.
  • Opsive/DeathmatchAIKit/Editor
    Contains the editor scripts for the AI logic components.
  • Opsive/DeathmatchAIKit/Scripts
    Contains the logic for the AI agents.

If you are only wanting to use the behavior trees within your own game you can remove the Demo folder. The AI scripts do not depend on anything within this folder.

After the Deathmatch AI Kit has been imported, the first step in getting started with the Deathmatch AI Kit is to create your AI agent. The Agent Manager can be used to make this process as easy as possible. From there you can start to modify the behavior tree to fit your game. The Behavior Tree overview page is a great resource for learning why the agents operate the way that they do.