After Behavior Designer is imported you can access it from the Tools toolbar. You can access the runtime source code by importing the Runtime Source Code package located here on the Downloads page. Before you extract this package ensure that you have deleted the /Assets/BehaviorDesigner folder otherwise you’ll get a compile error.

In order to compile Behavior Designer for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) you must use the runtime source code instead of the compiled DLL. No compile settings need to be changed – Behavior Designer can compile with .Net Core enabled.

When you try to run your UWP app you may get an error indicating that the tasks cannot be found. In order to fix this the following line within TaskUtility.GetTypesWithinAssembly (within TaskUtility.cs) should be changed from:

loadedAssemblies = GetStorageFileAssemblies(typeName).Result;


loadedAssemblies = new List();

This will allow Unity’s C# assembly to be found within the app.

If using IL2CPP to build your project you may receive a MissingMethodException related to the Default Constructor not being found. This can be fixed by doing one of the following:

  • Import the runtime source package.
  • Change the stripping level to Low.
  • Add the missing class to a link.xml file.