Trajectory Move

The Trajectory Move ability is an abstract ability that is inherited by the Teleport and Dash abilities. This ability draws the arc that is commonly indicates the location that can be moved to. The Teleport ability will move the character to the destination instantly, while the Dash ability will move the character based on a move speed.

There are two pieces associated with the arc when it is drawn. The first piece is the actual arc and this uses a Line Renderer to draw. The Line Renderer’s material and properties can be changed to achieve a look that is designed for your project. The second piece is a directional indicator GameObject. This GameObject is optional and it contains the marker that indicates the surface that was hit. This indicator will be rotated in the direction that the character will be move towards (if Allow Rotational Changes is enabled).

Inspected Fields

Start Trajectory Offset

The offset of the trajectory start point.

Cast Radius

The radius of the cast when determining if a location is valid.

Allow Rotational Changes

Should the character be rotated based on the directional input?

Min Axis Magnitude

The minimum value of the axis in order for it to be considered a valid movement direction.

Perform Movement Button Name

The name of the button when the ability should perform its movement.

Perform Movement Magnitude

Perform the movement when the axis magnitude is less than the specified value. This is only used for Vive headsets.

Trajectory Object

The object which draws the trajectory.

Valid Location Color

Color that indicates a valid teleport location.

Invalid Location Color

Color that indicates an invalid teleport location.

Color Change Duration

Specifies the lerp duration for changing the color.

Surface Identifier

The transform used to indicate the surface. Can be null.

Surface Indicator Offset

The offset when positioning the surface indicator.

Adjust Surface Indicator Color

Should the surface indicator’s material color be adjusted?