Move In Place

The Move In Place ability will move the character based on the tracked nodes (can include the head, left hand, or right hand). This ability mimics the motion that a person makes while walking/running. The input vector will be set by this ability and it will then use the locomotion’s acceleration/damping values to do the actual movement.

The Move In Place ability differs from the Arm Swing ability in that it does not require the tracked node to move a minimum distance. It will instead average the total distance moved by all of the tracked nodes. It also only takes in account the vertical change whereas the Arm Swing ability accounts for changes on both the vertical and depth axis.


  1. Select the + button in the ability list under the “Abilities” foldout of the Ultimate Character Locomotion component.
  2. Add the “VR/Move In Place” ability. The ability is a concurrent ability so it can be located anywhere within the ability list.

Inspected Fields

Move With Head

Should the character move with the player’s head bob?

Hand Movement Options

Specifies which of the player’s hands should move the character:

  • Left Hand: Move with the player’s left hand.
  • Right Hand: Move with the player’s right hand.
  • Both Hands: Move with the average over both of the player’s hands.
  • None: Do not move with the hand movement.
Speed Multiplier

A multiplier to apply to the vertical node movement value.

Max Input Value

The maximum value that can be set to the input vector.