Directional Rotate

The Directional Rotate ability will rotate the character a fixed degree based on joystick input. This ability can rotate the character based on the yaw or the pitch axis. If rotating along the pitch the character should have its gravity disabled. If the UIFade component is added to the scene then the ability will fade the screen for the Fade Duration.


  1. Select the + button in the ability list under the “Abilities” foldout of the Ultimate Character Locomotion component.
  2. Add the “VR/Directional Rotate” ability. The ability should be positioned near the top of the ability list so it has priority over other abilities.

Inspected Fields

Input Threshold

The input magnitude must be greater than the specified value in order to start rotating.

Fade Duration

The amount of time that it takes the UI to fade.


The number of degrees that the character should rotate.

Pitch Rotation

Can the ability rotate the character along the pitch axis?