The Vault ability will allow the character to traverse over a vertical object.

When the Vault ability begins the AbilityFloatData Animator parameter will specify the forward velocity of the character. This can be used within a blend tree to play different vaulting animations based on the speed. The AbilityIntData parameter specifies the height of the vaulting object. This allows different vault animations to play based on the vault height. Because AbilityIntData is an int the height value is multiplied by 1000 to allow for a high precision while still being stored within an int parameter. For example, if the vault height is 1.53 units tall then the AbilityIntData will be 1530.


  1. Select the + button in the ability list under the “Abilities” foldout of the Ultimate Character Locomotion component.
  2. Add the “Agility Pack/Vault” ability. This ability should be positioned near the top of the list so it will override any abilities beneath it.
  3. Setup the objects that the character can vault over. If the object can be detected by a cast ensure it uses a layer included within the Vault’s Detect Layers field. If an ID can be used the Object Identifier component should be added to the vault object. The ID specified by the Object Identifier component should match the Vault’s Object ID field.
  4. Ensure the Object Detection field is set to the correct detection method. If a cast is used the Angle Threshold should also be set. This value indicates the angle at which the vault ability can start and a good value for vault is under 30.
  5. No other steps are required once the vaulting objects and the Vault ability has been setup.

Inspected Fields

Max Height

The maximum height of the object that the character can climb over.

Start Location Depth Offset

Adds to the vault object’s offset.z value to allow the ability to play sooner when the character is running versus walking. The x value represents the character’s z velocity while the y represents the amount to add the Ability Start Location’s depth offset value by.