The Roll ability allows the character to play a rolling animation. A rolling animation can also play if the character falls from a tall object. While in first person view the camera can roll with the character, stay in an upright rotation, or switch to a third person perspective.


  1. Select the + button in the ability list under the “Abilities” foldout of the Ultimate Character Locomotion component.
  2. Add the “Agility Pack/Roll” ability. This ability should be positioned above the Fall ability so the character will keep rolling even while in the air.
  3. Set the Roll Fall Height if the character should start to roll after falling from a large distance.

Inspected Fields

Start Cast Distance

Specifies the cast distance to ensure there is enough space for the character to roll.

Roll Fall Height

Start the roll ability if the character falls from a height greater than the specified value. Set to -1 to disable the falling roll.

Switch To Third Person

Should the roll ability switch to a third person view if the character is in a first person view?