The Crawl ability will play a crawling animation with the character moving on all four limbs. If the crawling ability is started by a trigger the ability will not stop until after the character has left the trigger. The Crawl ability is a subclass of the Height Change ability.


  1. Select the + button in the ability list under the “Abilities” foldout of the Ultimate Character Locomotion component.
  2. Add the “Agility Pack/Crawl” ability. This ability should be positioned near the top of the list so it will override any abilities beneath it.
  3. Set the State name to “Crawl” and add the crawl states to other objects that should change values when Crawl is active. In the demo scene the Character IK and Third Person Object objects have a Crawl state added to them.
  4. If the Crawl ability will not be started with a trigger the Max Trigger Object Count field should be set to 0.
  5. Optionally set the First End Cap Target fiend on the Capsule Collider’s Capsule Collider Positioner component to the character’s reference bone. This will allow the collider to move with the reference bone so the collider will cover the character’s feet when crawling. This reference bone follows the movement created within the crawl animations.

Inspected Fields

Crawl Active State Name

The name of the state that should activate when crawl is active. Crawl will not be active when the ability is playing the stop animation.

Max Trigger Object Count

The maximum number of valid triggers that the ability can detect. Set to 0 to prevent the ability from starting with a trigger.

Trigger Layer Mask

The LayerMask of the trigger that should be detected.

Trigger Object ID

The unique ID value of the trigger’s Object Identifier component. A value of -1 indicates that this ID should not be used.