Water Effects

Water Effects are specified on the Swim and Dive abilities. Water Effects allow for particle and sound effects to be played at certain events. The following effects are supported by the Swim or Dive ability:

  • Entrance Splash
  • Surface Swim Splash
  • Underwater Bubbles

The Entrance Splash will play if the character enters the water from the air at a high velocity. Surface Swim Splash is triggered by an animation event and will play when a limb makes a splash while doing a surface swim. Underwater Bubbles occur when the character is swimming underwater.

The Entrance Splash and Underwater Bubbles are single events while the Surface Swim Splash is an array allowing for multiple events. In the demo scene the character has 4 Surface Swim Splash elements: left hand, right hand, left foot, and right foot. Each element contains the animation event that should trigger the effect. The Water Effects also can specify multiple audio clips allowing for a random sound to be played with each effect.