PUN Multiplayer Add-On

The PUN Multiplayer Add-on will synchronize your character and items using version 2 of the Photon Unity Network (PUN). The add-on sits on top of PUN and the Ultimate Character Controller.

Target Audience

The PUN Multiplayer Add-on is not a PUN template or complete project. You are expected to script your own game logic and should be experienced with PUN scripting. If you do not have PUN scripting experience then this add-on is not for you. You can get started with PUN scripting by taking a look at this page.

PUN uses a client authoritative networking architecture which is not suitable for all game types. With a client authoritative architecture the local client runs its own logic for determining where the character should move, shoot, spawn, etc. There is no validation with a central server to determine if the client’s actions are valid. This makes it more susceptible towards cheating compared to a server authoritative architecture. As a result, this addon is geared towards more a casual or coop game where the possibility of cheating does not matter as much.

Folder Structure

The PUN Multiplayer Add-On is imported into the Opsive/UltimateCharacterController/Add-Ons/Multiplayer/PhotonPUN folder. All of the synchronization scripts are located within the Scripts folder. The Demo folder contains the demo scene and the main Ultimate Character Controller demo scene must be imported in order for this demo scene to work.