Behavior Designer – Tactical Pack

The Behavior Designer – Tactical Pack includes 13 tasks focused on tactical situations. The default set of Tactical Pack tasks use Unity’s navigation mesh to traverse the world. The Tactical Pack doesn’t do the actual movement – it instead sets the destination for the underlying pathfinding implementation (Unity’s NavMesh, A* Pathfinding Project, etc).


You can download the Tactical Pack integrations from this page. After you have imported an integration you can start to use the integration tasks by adding them to your behavior tree. For example, if you want to use the A* Pathfinding Project version of the attack task you would add the task located under Actions -> Tactical -> A* Pathfinding Project -> Attack.


The Tactical Pack tasks can use Playmaker to attack and receive damage. To have an agent attack using Playmaker, add the AttackBridge component to your agent. This component allows you to specify which Playmaker event should be triggered when an attack should take place. Optionally a Vector3 may also be specified which indicates the direction that the agent should attack.

Receiving damage with Playmaker is similar to attacking. Add the DamagableBridge component to any GameObject that can receive damage, and the Damage Event will be triggered when the GameObject should take damage. The Damage Amount and Health Variable Names are required. These variables map to a Playmaker variable which specify how much damage was received and the total health that the GameObject has left.