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I saw your post from 2019 about using Bolt for UCC movement. My approach is same as you said in thread.
Problem I am facing is my character doesn't move towards look direction of camera. Can you please guide me in right direction.
So we are happy to share that we have a Steam store page, this has always been our main goal for YAARRGH!
And from here we are giving free access for testing to our Community.
Click on the link below, Add us to your wish list and click on the follow button, for all the latest news.

Battle Island Steam Store Page
Thanks for positive feedback, and the offer to bounce ideas around :) How did you get into game development?
If you are wanting to start out on your own and become an indie developer, than its all about the marketing, the other way is to offer your services for free to an establishment studio in exchange for experience or showcase your projects as proof of concept. Good thing about coding is that its not a skill anybody can take up ;)
BTW :unsure: if your lucky things will workout, if you like our little studio, than its bloody hard work and never giving up, its like begging on the streets for loose change :cautious:
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