Cannot find 'AttackBridge' component in PlayMaker Integration Package or anywhere else.


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When it comes to integrate Behavior Designer with PlayMaker, the Opsive manual says:

The Tactical Pack tasks can use Playmaker to attack and receive damage. To have an agent attack using Playmaker, add the AttackBridge component to your agent. This component allows you to specify which Playmaker event should be triggered when an attack should take place.

I have downloaded and imported the playmaker integration package but yet cannot find 'AttackBridge' script/task. Am I missing something?
Are you downloading it from this page? I just downloaded it and the AttackBridge is within Behavior Designer Tactical/Integrations/Playmaker.
No! I mistakenly downloaded behavior designer playmaker integration package instead of tactical playmaker integration package! Also I noticed that I should have removed "IN" in the invoice number when inserting it in the Opsive website. I was able to download the right package and as you said, the AttackBridge exists in that package.