Omni Animation will launch in beta when it’s first released. There are a few reasons why we are first releasing in beta:

  • The number of animations will be less than the amount desired for a full scale release.
  • It will allow us to gradually increase the server load in order to reduce downtime.
  • Not all of the planned web features will be immediately available.

For the initial beta release we are focused primarily on AI generated locomotion animations. A lot of research goes into developing a deep learning model that can generate production quality animations. As this research evolves we will continue to expand our AI animation. Omni Animation will also include many other non-AI animations that will grow monthly.

With that said, we’d love to hear from you to find out where our efforts should be focused. What type of animations do you need? Locomotion? Combat? Lifestyle? In addition, what type of parameters do you want to change? For example, do you want to modify the character’s velocity? Or more physical changes such as the character’s height?

We created a short Google survey that we’d like to get your input on so we can make Omni Animation the most useful to you. You can also reply back to this email with your thoughts.

We look forward to hearing from you,
Justin & Sarah