We launched the OmniAnimation.ai last week without much description and by now I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly is Omni Animation.

Omni Animation is a deep learning network capable of producing high fidelity animations. It is designed to speed up your animation workflow and as a result, save you a bunch of time in creating new animations. Omni Animation is perfect for personalized hero characters, NPCs, crowds, and motion matching.

Omni Animation does all of this by using an deep learning autoregressive model. This model produces an output based on the previous state. That output is then fed in as input to the next time step. When this process is repeated it produces a set of frames over a period of time, resulting in the generated animation. One of the things that has taken a very long time to research is how to do this without having any artifacts. The animations produced will be production quality animations without any necessary cleanup.

We understand that you may have some questions about how our service works. We have a series of articles lined up to guide you through the features of Omni Animation. Among other topics you’ll learn about:

  • Our process of converting raw mocap animations to generated animations.
  • The bulk downloads feature designed for NPCs and motion matching.
  • The IK features that allow for fine-grain adjustments.
  • How styles can completely┬áchange the look of your animation.

At launch, we will have both AI generated and non-AI generated animations for you to choose from. We will be regularly releasing new animations as we continue to grow.