Version 1.2.2 of the Ultimate Inventory System is making its way to the Opsive Store and the Asset Store. Ensure you update by following the Version 1.2 Update Guide if you are coming from a version prior to version 1.2.

Note: The Integration between the Opsive Character Controller and the Inventory System was updated to version 2.0.5, the new version is required for the Ultimate Inventory System v1.2.2 and Ultimate Character Controller v2.4.2. Read more about the new integration here.

This version contains the following:

  • Added custom controls for Item Categories list.
  • Added an event in the Confirm Cancel Panel to help with the Unity Localization integration.
  • Added virtual methods to allow support for the Master Audio integration.
  • Set the Default 2D Audio Manager Module to the Audio Manger.
  • Added more Audio Config overrides.
  • Fixed Scheduler from not correctly pooling generic ScheduledEvents.

The following integrations were updated:

  • Unity Localization
  • Master Audio
  • Ultimate Character Controller
    • Added a Character Loadout Item Collection, allowing to soft equip items from the loadout