Version 2.2.5 of the Ultimate Character Controller is making its way to the Opsive Store and the Asset Store. If you are coming from a version prior to 2.2 there are some manual changes required in order to update. See this page for details.

The purpose of the Speed parameter has slightly changed and the Speed Change ability should be updated. The Speed Parameter field should be updated to a value of 2. A field called Moving Speed Parameter Value has been added and this value indicates the value that the Speed parameter should be set to when the character is moving.

This version also contains the following changes:

  • Added support for the new Unity Input System (documentation).
  • Move With Object can switch targets when active.
  • Muzzle Flash component can use particles.
  • InventoryBase.RemoveAllItems can take a bool indicating if the items should be dropped.
  • Exposed ShootableWeapon.ClipRemaining Getter.
  • Improved the animator controller structure for melee weapons.
  • Fixed Unequipped state not being called at the start when the character is initially unequipped.
  • Fixed prefab fields not correctly being set as dirty.
  • Improved NavMeshAgentMovement velocity direction.
  • Fixed the Sequence ResetDelay from not correctly being reset.
  • ThirdPersonObject can switch materials for first person only perspectives.
  • Fixed DefaultIndex from not being updated when adding an ItemSet before the current index value.
  • Fixed Drive ability from calling IDriveSource callbacks on remote instances – the local instance should manage the drive state.
  • Fixed Move With Object from apply a large force when the character transfers platforms.
  • Fixed Jump from not playing an airborne jump when in the air and was not started with a standard jump.
  • Improved Animation Event Trigger inspector.
  • Updated the following integrations:
    • Behavior Designer
    • Ultimate Inventory System