Version 1.0.5 of the Ultimate Inventory System is making its way to the Opsive Store and the Asset Store. This version contains the following changes:

  • Database Validator now removes item definitions from categories which are not referenced by item definition when the database is corrupted.
  • In the editor the attributes now show whether they inherit override or modify within the View Name.
  • ItemAmount and ItemInfo now have a static “None” value to avoid writing new ItemInfo.
  • Fixed modify attribute from throwing an exception when the attribute value is null.
  • Fixed Default Item from registering to the Inventory System Manager when an Item Definition was created in the editor.
  • Fixed execution order for the Inventory System Manager Item Saver which prevented Load Items.
  • Fixed being unable to rename attributes in the editor due to an out of range exception.
  • Fixed items from not being seen in the UI for dynamically added item collections.