After more than a year in development we are very proud to announce that version 3 has been pre-released! If you haven’t seen it yet I recommend first taking a look at the changes in this release. You can purchase the pre-release on the Opsive Store:

Ultimate Character Controller
Third Person Controller

If you purchased version 2 on the Opsive Store you should automatically see the upgrade price. If you purchased on the Asset Store and would like to purchase the pre-release on the Opsive Store please send an email with your invoice number and we’ll generate a coupon for you. Version 3 will be free for those who purchased version 2 within 90 days of the Asset Store release but for now we are only processing paid orders. If you have a previous variant the upgrade price is 50% of the base price:

Ultimate Character Controller 2 -> Ultimate Character Controller 3: $125
Third Person Controller 2 -> Third Person Controller 3: $62.50
First Person Controller 2 -> UFPS 3: $62.50
UFPS 2 -> UFPS 3: $92.50

The goal of this pre-release is to get the next version of the controller in everyone’s hands before we have an official release ready to go. While the core code for this release is solid, there are still a number of things that we have to do before the official release:

  • Finish polishing the demo scene. There are still some minor issues that don’t affect the controller but we’d like to fix before an official release. An example is that some of the weapons need their positions tweaked. The demo zones need a description and screenshot.
  • The documentation needs to be updated.
  • New videos need to be created.
  • A minimal set of popular integrations need to be updated.
  • The marketing material needs to be prepared.

We only recommend taking part in the pre-release if you have experience with version 2 of the controllers. The workflow is very similar to version 2.

I’ve created a new forum for version 3 feedback and you can find it here. We are looking forward to getting a full release out within a few weeks!