Throw error index was out of range when using Reset when Completed


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Simple Setup
- 1 Leader
- 2 Soldier

all 3 are in grid formation, the leader having a target define and the 2 soldiers have the leader define

if I hit play all is good... if I move the target once they leader reach it, nothing happen as expected.

if I set reset on completed, so that they follow the target if it move, I get an infinite amount of error

ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
Parameter name: index
System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T].set_Item (System.Int32 index, T value) (at <e40e5a8f982c4b618a930d29f9bd091c>:0)
BehaviorDesigner.Runtime.Formations.Tasks.FormationGroup.UpdateMoveStatus (System.Int32 index, BehaviorDesigner.Runtime.Formations.Tasks.FormationGroup+MoveStatus status) (at Assets/Behavior Designer Formations/Scripts/Tasks/FormationGroup.cs:280)
BehaviorDesigner.Runtime.Behavior.SendEvent[T,U] (System.String name, T arg1, U arg2) (at <54e4b904ef9a4d4792c51489161280c3>:0)
BehaviorDesigner.Runtime.Formations.Tasks.FormationGroup.OnUpdate () (at Assets/Behavior Designer Formations/Scripts/Tasks/FormationGroup.cs:443)
BehaviorDesigner.Runtime.BehaviorManager.RunTask (BehaviorDesigner.Runtime.BehaviorManager+BehaviorTree behaviorTree, System.Int32 taskIndex, System.Int32 stackIndex, BehaviorDesigner.Runtime.Tasks.TaskStatus previousStatus) (at <54e4b904ef9a4d4792c51489161280c3>:0)
BehaviorDesigner.Runtime.BehaviorManager.Tick (BehaviorDesigner.Runtime.BehaviorManager+BehaviorTree behaviorTree) (at <54e4b904ef9a4d4792c51489161280c3>:0)
BehaviorDesigner.Runtime.BehaviorManager.Tick () (at <54e4b904ef9a4d4792c51489161280c3>:0)
BehaviorDesigner.Runtime.BehaviorManager.Update () (at <54e4b904ef9a4d4792c51489161280c3>:0)
Did you make changes from your last thread? Are you able to reproduce the error in the demo scene?