Look At Object while moving

Hi, I was trying to achieve that a formation is continuously looking at a certain point while moving, which should cause the agents to walk backwards and / or strafe as well. But I haven’t found anything regarding a „look at“ that works. Also I wasn’t able to find any docs on the NavAgent that would make him walk like this. Does anyone have any idea how something like this could be implemented?
Im using ootiis motion controller, but the behavior is the column behavior that comes with the formations asset. So basically I’m using the navmesh agent for pathfinding and movement, or that’s what the task is doing, and ootii is handling animations. From what I understand is that the navmesh agent should view a specific target while moving, right? I’m seeing that the characters are turning and moving correctly, but they should look at a single point while circling a target for example.


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I don't have much experience with ootii's assets but with our character controller it controls the rotation so it has to do the turning. I imagine that the ootii controller is the same way. The NavMeshAgent has an updateRotation field and with that enabled the NavMeshAgent will rotate the agent, but then ootii could be overriding that rotation.
I just bought your character controller for third person. I'll give it a try when I have time to check how i could make a column formation always rotate towards a "look target", but move to a different "move target".